33rd Nordic Congress of Psychiatry

Come and explore how psychiatry is Connecting minds. The congress will be organised on a virtual platform.
Tid og sted

Virtual congress

17. juni 2021 kl 10:00 - 18. juni 2021 kl 16:00

Plenary speakers:

  • Merete Nordentoft: Improving treatment of people with psychotic illnesses: lessons from randomized clinical trials
  • Pim Cuijpers: The future of psychotherapy
  • Ian Michael Goodyer: Adolescent Mental Health: From Brain to Therapeutics
  • Riitta Hari: Brain basis of social interaction
  • Mark Daly: Genetic architecture of psychiatric traits and disorders - shared and specific biological mechanisms
  • Dan Chisholm: Public mental health needs and responses in the context of COVID-19: a blueprint for the future?

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