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10. jul  -  14. jul
Bilde Malta Summer School

Summer School: Collaborative research in mental health and social work

Fysisk Kurs forskning kurs
This one week summer school responds to the increased demand for mental health promotion and well-being within a participatory approach. It is designed to provide participants from healthcare, education, social work, mental health, and research with the practical and research skills required in designing, implementing, and evaluating collaborative projects in mental health.
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Kurset er åpent for forskere, PhD- studenter, masterstudenter og brukere og praktikere i psykisk helse- og rusfeltet, og gir 5 studiepoeng (ECTS) i samarbeidsbasert forskning.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the study unit the student will be able to

  • identify the resources and barriers to user involvement in research on mental health and substance abuse
  • gain a clear understanding of the importance of collaborative research as promoting well- being in local environments
  • identify their own collaborative strengths and know how to use them more efficiently in daily life
  • identify the key factors of collaborative research and user involvement in research and practice
  • suggest simple interventions improving participation in various contexts within research and practice



By the end of the study unit the student will be able to

  • apply scientific findings of collaborative research in personal, academic and/or professional life
  • use appropriate strategies to develop collaborative projects
  • know how to develop, implement, and evaluate user involvement in research and practice together in teams consisting of service users, practitioners, and researchers
  • promote own personal growth, well-being, and resilience
  • develop optimistic and flexible thinking style
  • adopt positive ways of communication and develop healthy, democratically based relationships
  • use character strengths more effectively
  • apply the gained knowledge within own respective field of study
  • contribute to the healthy functioning of social systems and contexts
  • contribute to less stigmatization of mental health and substance abuse in the local community

Les mer om sommerskolen:

  • mandag
    10. jul
    Kl: 10:00 - 16:00
    Sted: University of Malta - Valletta Campus, Malta
  • Arrangør
    Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health, University of Malta
  • Målgrupper
    Forskere, PhD- studenter, masterstudenter og brukere og praktikere i psykisk helse- og rusfeltet.

Praktisk informasjon


Professor sosialt arbeid/ Professor Social Work, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Rita Sørly: rita.sorly@uit.no